It Is Time to Decentralize Energy and Take It Into Our Own Hands…

Becuase the Sun is here for us all to share

The top 5 oil companies gouge you ar the pump and on top of that, they take your tax money
- $4 billion dollars and more each year (in the past decade, they PROFITED $1 Trillion).
Here's how PA Senator Pat Toomey replied to my request for his vote to stop giving our taxes
to these oil companies each year, pass it on, share with a friend... ;-)

"The desert regions receive more solar energy in six hours than the world uses in a year". Source
The quote illustrates the power of Solar. If you live in the US, you can collect ALL of your energy from the sun.

Let's move right past The Idea of American Energy Independence
& directly to Individual Energy Independence


So, is there anything keeping us from getting there?...

"Free Energies" Vs. "Milker" Energies:

The answer to that question is unfortunately, a resounding "Yes".
There is indeed something standing in the way of us obtaining Alternate Energies for ourselves-

Our very own government - & one party in particular!

The next time that you look at a lightbulb, think of the cabling connected to it, and follow that cabling upstream to the source of the
energy. That source is where the problem is. That cabling is like a leash. And that leash can be, and is, pulled at will.

Milker Energies are those that "Milk" us, like cows in a field, for our money. Oil, Coal, Nuclear are just a few of
the Milker Energies. In truth, energy is blowing in the wind & falling freely from the sky, all that we need are the buckets
to catch it. So why do we continue to buy energy over & over again when it's free?

"Give a man a fish & he'll eat for a day, teach him how to fish & he'll eat forever".

Oil, Coal, & Nuclear want you to buy their fish every day. But why buy form them when in truth energy is blowing in the wind
& falling freely from the sky- all you need is bucket to catch it. It is your right to collect that energy, & no one should stand in the way
of your right to collect and even to distribute that free energy. As will soon become realized, however, there are powerful forces working against us.

One candidate wants to help get you that bucket. The other candidate pretends that he wants to get that bucket to you, but in reality,
he does not want you to have it. Why? because he is paid by huge energy companies to keep you from getting it. If you get the bucket,
then what do you need them for? Keep in mind that these energy companies are the most profitable companies in the history of the
world. They have all the money they need to control your elected officials to keep you from getting your own bucket to freely
collect and share your own energy. They have all they need to control the source of your energy, keeping us, at their mercy.

Here are the actual voting results by party on the Alternate Energy bill that has failed to pass, listed on the Senate.Gov site:
Click here to view it. Notice all of the (R)’s & (D)'s next to the ‘Yea's' & 'Nay's'. Look for our presidential candidate’s votes in there too!

If you scroll up on that .Gov site with the actual voting results, site you'll see the summary of what that bill was for. For quick reference, here's what it says:

"An Act to move the United States toward greater energy independence and security, to increase the production of clean renewable fuels,
to protect consumers, to increase the efficiency of products, buildings, and vehicles, to promote research on and deploy greenhouse gas
capture and storage options, and to improve the energy performance of the Federal Government"

Why did one group vote against an Alternate Energy? Well, the started reason is that this bill attempted to repeal the 13.5 billion dollars
in tax breaks (your $) that was given to the Oil & Gas industry in 2005. One party wanted to take that money and give it
instead to Alternate Energy. The other party is paid / lobbied by Oil & Gas, and as so- they voted against it.

By how many votes did that bill fail? -"In December, legislation stripping tax break giveaways to Big Oil & investing in cleaner sources failed
by one vote, 59-40" As you can see on that voting record, one candidate voted nay, he missed it, and because of that candidate, we currently do not
have support for Alternative Energy. In FACT, that one candidate voted against EVERY alternative energy bill this year- all 8 of them! Why? because
the other party leaders were demanding that we take the 13.5 billion that we GAVE to BigOil in tax breaks and give to Alternate Energy.

That same candidate scored a ZERO% this year on the LCV / Alternate Energy scorecard. The other, received a 67%. Better than nothing!
The candidate that got a ZERO% has a lifetime score of 24%. The other candidate has a score of 86%. This math has a lot to do with
your future, it is the math that works out to how much $ you spend on energy (including the wars over it in your tax dollars).

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We have to stand & fight up for Free Decentralized Energies RIGHT NOW, or we will lose them...

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